Sinemoretz village is situated very closely (90 km) from Burgas – a major transport hub of Bulgaria with international airport, sea port, rail and bus station. During the high season many airlines have regular and charter flights to Burgas, and there are various trains and buses arriving there too.

From Burgas getting to Sinemoretz is quite easy: you should either have a car transport arranged or you may take the bus. Buses are leaving to Sinemoretz at least twice daily (13.30hours) from the Central bus station in Burgas.

Transport Sinemoretz by road is also convenient and cheap via any of the below international airports:

Airport | Average Distance | Average Drive time

Sofia 450 km 5 hours

Varna 200 km 2 hours

Istanbul ( Turkey ) 320 km 4 hours

Many airlines offer comparatively cheap airfares to the above airports, including Burgas.

Important Telefon numbers:

DHL services: 02/ 91 613 360 in Bourgas 056/ 842 049

TNT services: 02/ 971 31 01

Bus station West Burgas: 056/ 831 427

Bus Company "Nishakli" - Bourgas traveling to Istambul: 056/ 841 261

Hotel "Ferhat " - Istambul