The Silistar Beach

The Silistar protected area covers the territory between the villages of Sinemoretz and Rezovo. The fabulous Silistar beach lies several hundred meters off the road.

The distance between Sinemoretz and Silistar is 6km by the road to Rezovo.

The Silistar beach became popular among tourists only in the last couple of years. Located in a national park of the Southern Strandzha Mountain, nature lovers can find various animals, birds and insects there.

The beach has wonderful sands, and is loved by families with children due to its serene, shallow and always-crystal waters.

It has been cultivated at late with lifeguards being put at regular distances along the beach and a cool-shadowed pub offering food and refreshments having been erected in its northern end.

There is a diving school.

The waters around the rocky ends of the beach offer a great view of marine life to amateur and professional divers.